A little bit of progress...

But not much, lol. I finished the embroidery on the receiving blanket for one of the new baby girls. I scallop stitched the edges, now I have to cut the excess fabric away from the scalloped edge. It is rather tedious, but it will be pretty when it is done. I want to give it to her next week. She said that she would be stopping in again then when she stopped in last week with the baby. Our office of the bank is right across the street from the doctor's office where she goes. It will be her two week check up. I hope I can finish it either tonight or tomorrow. It just depends on how fast the trimming goes. It is a looong way around it when you are doing that detailed of trimming! LOL I had originally planned to do another one in blue to sell, but I am rethinking that fabric usage. I have a solid blue flannel and a solid white flannel that I was going to use for it, but now I am thinking I might use it with a couple of prints that I have in my stash to make a quilt instead. I don't know, yet. I suppose we shall see. I have plenty of projects to keep me busy! :)

I'll try to get more done on the yellow and blue quilt this weekend, too. I can't decide whether to embroider on the yellow border or not. It seems a bit narrow, now that I have it on. I had thought about the characters' names, but they don't come out in a manner that is visually appealing to look at. All of the saying that I have seen are too long to embroider other than " oh bother" and "silly old bear". So I may not embroider anything on the yellow part after all. Any suggestions?

I'd like to get started on the pink flannel quilt, too, but that may be a bit ambitious for this weekend! I have a boatload of laundry to do, just like every weekend, so that will slow me down a bit. Sitting here typing slows me down too, LOL. Oh well, maybe by Monday or so I will have some progress pictures to show! Not guaranteeing it, but maybe!

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amandajean said...

hope your boatload of laundry is going well, so that you have plenty of crafting time. :)

I have crocheted until a blister appeared on my finger. I know my technique isn't correct, thus the pain, but the cotton stuff I am working with (for the bathmat) has no give at all! But I am almost done with my first one. yay!

do you do the embroidery on the receiving blanket with your regular sewing machine?

I had a hard time sleeping last night...I read your email right before bed and was half dreaming/obsessing about how to make my blocks for the quilt block swap. I think I need therapy. :)

say hi to jason....and have a fun weekend. miss you guys so much.