Holy cow.... has it been a week already?

I didn't realize that it had been a week since I posted last. Been busy this week. I started a new diet, we shall see how that goes. It has been beautiful here this week. I have started staying at work for my lunch time more often and taking a 25 minute walk every day during that time. We have wonderful walking paths near where I work, so it is nice.

I have also been working on birthday presents for little girls. One of which is my niece, Lexi. (Don't let the sweet picture deceive you, she is really more of a tomboy, LOL) She will be 6 on Friday. I made this dress for her a while back. I have the top done for her outfit for this year, but not the pants. That's the next step. Gotta get them in the works this weekend. They are having her birthday party on the 29th. The top went together in just a little over an hour, I don't think the pants will take long, either.

I am doing the same thing for my niece Mady who will be 3 on May 5th, too. Glad these are sort of quick, easy projects. I think they will be cute when I get them done. I am trying some new techniques and finishes, all of which should make them unique and also save me some time.

So, speaking of projects, I need to head to my sewing machine!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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amandajean said...

hope that your sewing goes well! those are some cutie little nieces that you have there.