Block Swap Fun and a Giggle for Your Tuesday Afternoon Amusement

I finished my blocks for the block swap on Saturday. We are only waiting for one more person and she has assured me that her blocks will be here soon. Then I can get them mailed out. The enthusiasm had waned a bit for this exchange with the months that had passed, but I received a bunch of blocks on Saturday and decided to get mine done as well. While I was sewing I was thinking about what I wanted to do with my blocks and a great idea hit me, so I am now very excited to see the last bunch of blocks and get started putting together a quilt top. I think these will make really cute quilts. Very bright and cheerful!

A young man rang my doorbell yesterday evening and handed me this flyer. You may need to click on it and enlarge it to read it. You gotta hand it to the young men for creative advertisement! It gave me a good giggle, I just thought I'd share it with you.


amandajean said...

that is a very creative advertisement...gotta hand it to the boys. :)

I am excited to get my swap blocks and put them into a quilt as well. It should be fun to see all the quilts come together differently.

amandajean said...

oh, and hudson is back in the running. we are deciding tonight whether or not we are moving there. yikes!

Holly said...

The yard work advertisement is hilarious! I hope those boys get a lot of business this summer. If the yard work doesn't pan out, they still have a promising future in marketing!