Has it really been a week?

I knew it had been a bit since I had posted, but didn't realize it had been a week already! I had a fairly busy week last week. Last weekend I sold another item over at etsy, so I had to get that ready to mail and to the post office. I also had to make something else to replace it. I made the little orange dress in my etsy link at the top of the page.

I also mailed out the blocks for the block swap. I was going to take pictures of all the blocks and make a post about them, but my kitchen counter always seems to have stuff on it and I didn't feel like messing with clearing it! LOL.

I had some birthday money so I went shopping on Saturday. I went to Gruber's. I love all the beautiful fabrics that they have in there, but I don't often buy a lot of things because they tend to be expensive. I did buy a couple of small pieces for pillowcase dresses from their half off discontinued items. A lavender floral piece and a bright multicolored cartooney looking floral piece. From there I went to Mill End Textiles. There, I spent almost 40 dollars! I bought these fabrics for a quilt for my mom. Her birthday is in October.

I then went to Target and bought these storage containers. They are pretty cool! I am hoping that they help with the disorganization in my tupperware cabinet.

I also spent some time working on this.

These are the Sanctuary Moda fabrics that I bought back last fall. I am absolutely in love with these fabrics. I bought two charm packs, paired them light and dark, and then sewed them together diagonally and cut them in half to make these diagonal blocks. I am putting them together in a sort of random pinwheel fashion.

There's my week in a nutshell. I hope you all had a great week, and I look forward to seeing what you all have been up to!

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amandajean said...

so glad to hear that the swap blocks are in the mail. I was going to ask you about that today. I am needing to whip up a quilt for a graduation present in a few weeks. (the party is on Father's Day.) I am excited to see what blocks I have to work with.

your pinwheel quilt is looking lovely. I *heart* Moda fabrics. I am looking forward to being able to shop at Grubers and Mill End on a more regular basis. Oh, and crafts direct, as well. Hurray.

congrats on another etsy sale! you really do such nice work.