We interrupt this quilt...

For whatever reason something posessed me the other night to deep clean my kitchen. I have spent the last two evenings scrubbing and moving things and throwing things out and organizing what is left. I'm not quite done, but I hope to be soon. I have not worked on my quilt at all, but that's ok, I'm not on a time table for this one. It feels good to know my kitchen is much less grimy than it was a few days ago, too. Thus the lack of posts the last couple of days.

Tomorrow I am going on a garden tour with my MIL and a friend for a little while. That should be fun. I'm thinking I should charge up the camera. Maybe I can get some ideas for what I'd like to eventually do in my yard. If I get some good pictures I will be sure to post them.

I am thinking about doing a series on the steps in doing a reborn doll. Mainly because I have three of them I need to finish. One I am keeping for myself, the others I may try to sell. These will probably be the last that I do for a while. I probably won't try to sell them anymore. They are a bit expensive to make and it is hard to make anything back from them. It has become a popular enough hobby that the market is flooded with dolls, and many of them are poor quality and that has brought the median price down considerably than what it was about 4 years ago when I became interested in them. I know a lot of ladies who actually sell them at a loss and only continue to make them just because they enjoy making them. There are a few, however, like this one which are very well done and bring astronomical prices. Let me know if you have an interest in seeing how these dolls are made. I do not claim to be any where near as talented as the artist that did the doll that I linked to, but I do know the basics of how they are made.

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Ashley said...

I would honestly love one of those if I could get one that looked like my daughter, just to keep with her baby pictures. Granted, I'd want a tiny one.