My Mother's Quilt

I finished my mother's quilt on Sunday. It is for her birthday in October. She will be 77 years old. Hard to believe.
I apologize that some of these pictures are sort of dark. I just took them a couple of minutes ago and it is night time.

I also worked on Claire's pants tonight. They are almost done. I will start on her shirt tomorrow and hopefully finish it sometime this weekend.

My sister came through her surgery ok. Still no results on the biopsy. Hoping all is well with that. Thanks to those of you who remembered her in your prayers. She should come home tomorrow if all goes as planned.


amandajean said...

the quilt is absolutely beautiful. I love the stripes. I am sure that she will love it. Glad to hear that you sister came through surgery ok.

Clair said...

Nice quilt. The stripes worked out great.

Holly said...

The quilt is beautiful. I love those soft, pretty colors. Nice job.

Katherine said...

Wow! The quilt is a beauty with those yummy looking fabrics.

A Happy Birthday to your Mom and hoping your sister's recovery is speedy.