Why is it?

Why is it that I seem to have a new idea for something to make every day, but each idea takes weeks to accomplish, if it ever gets accomplished at all? Never mind the $$ it would take to do them all...

Why is it that though I have yards and yards of fabric in my stash, none of them are ever the right yardage for what I want and I end up buying new?

Why is it that the next project is always more exciting than the current one?

Sometimes I just don't get it! LOL


amandajean said...

if you ever figure out these answers your will be a genius and you will have to let the rest of us in on the secret. :)

(and you are not the only one this happens to!!!)

Natasha said...

Oh I hear you, but I must say that when you do do something it is absolutly beautiful!! I was just admiring your reborn dolls!!WOW