Adventures in pattern drafting....The Sequel

I told you I had something in the works for Etsy... Well Here it is. I decided that i wanted to make a dress and a pinafore to go over it. I picked out a dress pattern that I had on hand, and a pinafore pattern that I had on hand, but when I compared the two to each other, it was obvious that they weren't going to work together very well. SOOOO off I go to fetch the tissue paper and a pencil. I had to redraw the shoulder line and armhole of the pinafore so that it would work with the dress.

The dress turned out nicely and I decided to give it a separate listing. LOL, but I think the roomier armhole on the pinafore will be good with anything it goes over.

Now on to something else. I am looking for a few (2 or 3) volunteers to try out something for me in January. I am thinking of designing something new for etsy and I would like the mothers of a few little girls to give me feedback on whether or not they like the item. I'd like at least one to be a little bit older girl, like a 5 or 6 and at least one to be an older infant or toddler size.
If you would like to try these out for me (you get to keep the item) let me know. I will take the first 2-3 volunteers, depending upon the children's sizes.


Em said...

Hi! I would love to try something! I have a 5 yr old girl who is quite slim. She loves dresses and climbing trees too. Em (EmandmikeyATaolDOTcom)

amandajean said...

I love the dress! it is so sweet.

you are a brave woman drafting patterns. :)

randi---i have to say said...

What an adorable dress set! You are very talented!

I would never even try drafting my own pattern because I just wouldn't know where to start. It must be a gift or something!

Mikilana said...

Tag back on the comment you left me! ;)

I'd love to help "test run" something for you! I don't have kids, but tend to spend more time with my 1yo niece than her mother does *sigh* email me if you want k?

love the pinafore....the only thing I drafted of my own was enlarging a cape for my hubby for halloween. It turned out properly ghoulish! :)

Kirsten said...

Beautiful job! Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Tamera said...

I have a six year old and a small two year old. I would be happy to "help," LOL.