Block Swap Quilt Top

(Try saying that 10 times fast, lol) I actually got this far on Saturday, but just haven't had time to post since then. My husband's only comment was "It certainly is lively". LOL! It might be a bit loud for him. I plan to do a two inch white border around the whole thing, maybe with solid blocks at the corners, not sure yet. I'm only doing the border because I have so many bias edges at the corners. I was afraid it might get sort of wonky on me if I didn't. I will have to get it up on the block swap website soon.


amandajean said...

that is so fun!!! what a great way to put all the squares together. I love it that it's square, too.

you mean it's not screaming Jason to you? me either. :) he's a little more mellow than that.

Roxanne said...

Wow - that turned out really cute! It reminds me of playing cards spread out on the floor. (Sydney is really into playing with cards these days and we constantly have them spread on the floor. Must be why I thought of that!) Anyway, it's really neat - good job!!

Clair said...

neat. It is always fun to see something creative.