A Booga Barrier

My Booga (aka Aeris the cat) loves mice.
These kind of mice.

We have quite the collection of them as you can see. These are just the ones I could find, the rest are lurking in the shadowy regions unknown of my home. Probably hiding out with the dust bunnies.

Aeris chases them all over the house and is quite adept at losing them under things and then demanding that I retrieve them for her. This is especially true of the closet in my kitchen. We do this no less than a dozen times a day. She loses them under the door and then proceeds to scratch at the door. This does not make me happy. Our house is still fairly new, it was built in 2003, so seeing kitty scratch marks on the door frame is bad news.

So yesterday, I tried to think of a remedy, and this is what I came up with. It goes under the door and there is a roll on either side so that it stays in place when I open and shut the door. If that makes sense.

We will see if that works....


Jen said...

Our cats love these as well. They end up everywhere. The fire place, under the radiators, under closet doors, in the couch. A few weeks ago I pulled the refrigerator and stove away from the wall to clean under them. There were tons of these little mice! Poor little things didn't make it under the stove though...just piles of *very bright* dust!

Anonymous said...

Now those kinds of mice I could live with!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

That sounds just like my house. I keep finding those little mice all over the house.