I'm in purge/organize mode....

so I decided to dig into my sewing room and get organized.
Here are the before pictures. Granted, this was after I dragged everything out of the closet, but still, all that stuff was just piled haphazardly in the closet.

I took everything out of this cabinet and into my kitchen to organize it so I could spread things out on the counter, and this is what I found when I returned.

I bought new bins for my closet that I absolutely love! They were cheap, too, $16.48 and tax for the whole stack on the left. I am thinking of buying more for other areas of my home.

Here is my freshly folded and better organized stash.

I realized that I have way too many scraps and I need to make some scrap quilts. I have three drawers full of scraps.

I made myself a list of projects. Most of which are already in the works. I worked on one a little bit on Sunday (never mind the "ghetto" design wall).

And finally the end product. I still have one box of scrapbooking stuff to go through and I need to vaccuum, but it feels much better, now.


Jen said...

Ah! Isn't cleaning and organizing so therapeutic? I always feel so much more inspired after I make everything orderly. Thanks for the post and pics.

Pat said...

Great job! Makes you want to get right back in there and start a new project. Looks very nice.

amandajean said...

way to go, Linda! K's favorite cleaning motto is "it's gotta get worse before it gets better..." :) looks like you did a great job.

looking forward to the scrap quilts that you are going to make.

Brambleberry said...

It looks great! What a fun place to create!!

Katherine said...

I had to laugh when I saw your kitty all cozy in the storage unit!

Doesn't it just spark your creativity after your organize your sewing space? Now you're all set to dive right in an get going on some projects! Have fun!