Feline Hepatic Lipidosis

Also known as Fatty Liver Disease. These are new words in our house this week. Our little Aeris is very, very sick. She spent Monday night and all day yesterday at the vet clinic being given IV fluids and being force fed. She doesn't look good at all. She seemed excited to be home when we brought her home last night, but she won't eat anything this morning. I'm really worried that we are going to lose her. They sent her home with strict instructions about how to force feed her and a prescription for an appetite stimulant. She did eat just a few treats last night, but nothing so far today. All she does is just lay around. If she isn't eating anything on her own by tomorrow afternoon, we have to take her back in and they may have to put a feeding tube in her and do some other tests. So, forgive me if I am MIA for a little while.
Here's booga when she was ok


Pam said...

It is so hard when our fur kids are not well...especially when it is as serious as this. Hard, just hard!


Taryn said...

Hope your baby is doing better. We've had luck with using a syringe and baby food (the meat dishes) to force feed our pets. Your's is in my prayers.


amandajean said...

hope kitty is feeling better soon. love that photo of her on the quilt.

Roxanne said...

Oh no, that is so sad. Hope she is feeling better very soon.