I've been taking a bit of a crafting break...

I haven't done any real sewing since I finished the outfit last week. Sometimes I just need a few days to catch up on housework and regroup. Last weekend I polished my table and chairs, which I don't do nearly often enough. I also did a good mopping of my floor. I have laminate flooring in my kitchen and dining area and I have a tendency to just swiffer it and be done. It really needed a good mopping. Turning the chairs up, moving all the other stuff out, you know that kind of mopping. I had heard that the swiffer wet stuff wasn't good for cats, and frankly I have never been all that impressed with it. So... I looked for something else to use on my laminate. I ended up trying equal parts water, rubbing alcohol, and distilled white vinegar. It worked great! I just damp mopped it. We have really hard water in our area and I had no streaks or water spots at all! The alcohol helped it dry fast and my floor is nice and shiny. I was impressed and I will use this mixture again.

I also decided it was time to tackle cleaning out the lazy susan in my kitchen. I wanted to come up with some sort of dividers for it, so that I could divide it into "pie pieces", but I couldn't figure out what to do. I did get everything grouped together by like items anyway. I put a couple of baskets in there for some of the smaller stuff, too. I have a couple of other cabinets and a closet that I want to tackle this week, too. Let's hope I don't run out of steam, LOL.

I am also trying a new strategy to try and save money on groceries. I usually go once a week and buy for that week. I decided to try doing it for two weeks and using cash for it. I took out what I budget for groceries for two weeks and went to the store yesterday. So far, I'm impressed, but I know there are a couple more things I will have to go back for that I forgot. I only spent 10 dollars more than I usually do for one week. I was shocked! Like I said, I know I forgot a few things and they were out of one thing I needed, so I will have to go back, and I am using some of the things I already had on hand, but , wow! My only problem is storage. I just don't have a lot of room for bulk storage. Bottles of juice and pop and such. If I had the storage space, I'd think about trying to do a month at a time. It really didn't take but maybe 5-10 minutes more at the store, either. Once I get the hang of it and figure out where to store stuff, I think I could really dig this shopping only once every two weeks!
I got the idea from Dollar Stretcher.

So, that's what I have been up to this week. I think by this weekend I will be ready to sit back down at my machine and get some things accomplished.

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amandajean said...

interesting about the grocery shopping....I have been going less often lately because i hate hauling the kids into the store. it's amazing what you can come up with by just using what you have. I also have been doing simple suppers. there just isn't enough time in the day, you know? (and we all know that I can't compromise the quilt production!!!)