Were Baaack!

Thanks for all of your concern for our little kitty. I am happy to report that she is doing MUCH better. She has really bounced back over the last week. She has now kept down all of her meals for almost a week straight as well as has begun to do this...

It has certainly been a wild ride, I'll say that for sure! One night in the middle of the night we lost her cap for her tube and had so clamp her off with one of those black clamp type paper clips for a few hours. Saturday somehow or another she managed to pull the tube free from the bandage and it was dangling to the side of her neck, so we had to go and have her re-bandaged. She is incredibly needy for attention these days and I find it hard to get anything accomplished. Every time I am still for a few minutes she is all over me wanting attention and she is very persistent about it. Its to the point where if I try to put her down, I have to untangle claws from whatever I am wearing because she won't let go. LOL She is back to a lot of her old tricks and when she goes in for her blood tests tomorrow I'm sure that they will show a great amount of improvement. We are definitely looking forward to the day when the feeding tube is a thing of the past. Hopefully that will be soon.

I did manage to get a little bit of sewing time this weekend. Kitty does sleep occasionally. :) I started a new scrap quilt. I'll try to post pictures of it when I get the chance. Hopefully I'll be able to get back to blogging and sewing on a more regular basis now that the kitty is well on the mend.

Have a great Monday!


Taryn said...

I'm glad that your kitty is doing better and hope she gets to have the feeding tube removed soon. I'll keep her in my thoughts and prayers.

amandajean said...

glad to hear that kitty is doing better! I am anxious to see pics of your new scrap quilt.