Day three of the photos with Lexi

Remember this little experiment with the new slopers?
Well this is what it looks like on! I was really excited about how nice this looked because quite frankly I had my doubts about how it would hang. In fact, Lori and Lexi liked this one enough to buy it themselves! I will be making more of these, that's for sure! I have been really pleased so far with how the garments I have made from my slopers have turned out.


Taryn said...

It looks great on her. Looks like you had her there to fit it when you were making it. 80) This has got to really boost your confidence with creating your own designs. You're doing great!!

Kristin said...

I love it! It looks wonderful on her :) I love how the neckline is sloped up - very sweet, and conservative too, which is perfect for a little girl. :) LOVE IT.

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Holly said...

Your photo shoot shots look great!

amandajean said...

what an adorable dress!!! it looks so great on Lexi.