Freshening up a bit...

Do ya like the new look? It matches my website now. I get bored easily and I have to change the backgrounds here every so often. LOL

Well, my Christmas set didn't sell at ebay. It didn't even get a bid higher than $12.51. Glad I set a reserve price! The listing itself cost me $4.85. I'm not sure how to take that. Apparently no on thought it was worth more than that? I spent $10.00 on the shirt alone! I put it over at Etsy, we will see what happens there. Needless to say I'm a little disappointed that it didn't get any higher bids.

I have been working on some crochet projects this last week. I made a sweater. I'm not sure who will get it at this point. I didn't check my gage and it turned out way smaller than it was supposed to. :0) When I went to Illinois a few weeks ago, my mom gave me a whole lot of crochet books and thread and yarn and some unfinished projects. One of them is a dress that I started for my niece, Allison, um... 17 years ago. It is by this pattern. It is from a book of patterns that belonged to my grandmother. The same book that has the pattern for the little yellow layette set that she made for me when I was born. The price on the front of the pattern book says $.35. I am a little sad now that I never finished the little dress for my niece. I'll finish it and put it away. Someday maybe there will be a special someone to give it to.


Taryn said...

Ebay is really hit or miss. Did you relist it? If you don't sell it there's no charge to relist a second time, then you start over. I hope you have good luck with it. It's too cute.

amandajean said...

sorry to hear that your outfit didn't sell. it is a good thing that you did set a reserve.

your new banner is super cute, btw.

also, I got some patterns from my grandma's house that are very vintage and so fun. I'll have to show them to you some time. I think the one I was looking at the other day had a price of 15 cents on it. (my keyboard doesn't even have a cents sign. that ought to tell you something!) :)

Kristin said...

Ebay is so hard to gauge. With the economy as it is right now people may be feeling cautious and its easy to get caught up in bidding wars with auctions, so some people stay away when they're worried about how things are going financially. I wonder if that, plus it being near the end of most people's pay periods has something to do with it?

Its a gorgeous set. :)



Holly said...

Bummer. Ebay can be so fickle. I think Kristin's probably right...people are being super careful right now with the economy taking such a nosedive. It'll pick up closer to Christmas, I'm sure.

I love the new background/banner!