Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! I hope that the Lord will bless each of you in the next year!

I have been thinking a bit about "resolutions". I have NEVER been good at resolutions. I, therefore have sort of given them up in recent years. Goal setting has never been something that I have excelled at. :) However this year, I am going to try and set a crafting/sewing goal for myself. You see, it seems that I have a bit of A.D.D. when it comes to my projects. I have a real tendency to start a project and then get bored with it when it is almost finished and set it aside for a new one. The new project always just seems more interesting than the current one. LOL. I have decided that this year I am going to try and finish an old project that I have laying around for every new project that I also finish. So lets say, for instance that I see a new project that I want to do. I do that project and finish it and then before I can start another new project, I have to finish up an older project that I have stashed away some place in my sewing room. This is what I am going to TRY to do. I might need you all to help me to stay on task. LOL. I might even re-work my sidebars a bit to find a place to begin listing them as I get them done. Just so that I can look back and actually see what I have accomplished. So many of these projects are so very close to completion that it is just ridiculous that they are just sitting around unfinished.

What are your resolutions/plans/goals for this year?


amandajean said...

good luck on finishing!!! i think a list on your sidebar might help you keep on track. i tend to be a finisher...but you already know that. :) happy new year, linda!

Taryn said...

That's funny because I didn't do resolutions this year but chose a word to be my focus for the year. My word is 'finish'. Seems we may suffer from the same craft affliction. :0)

Natasha said...

I like the side bar list idea! I resolved a few years ago not to make resolutions- cop-out I know but I do make "hopes", the things I hope to do and keep those in my sewing area. This year I 'hope' to bind 3 quilts that are patiently waiting to be bound. I hate binding- its so restricting you know-haha

Happy New Year!

Anna said...

Is there a support group for this? I have the exact same resolution/goal for myself and it's carrying over from last year! We need one you know! It would be great as long as the meetings were NOT held in a fabric store, or anywhere near one! Thanks for sharing.