My machine is home!

My dear friend Dawn at Associated Sewing came through for me and got my machine done earlier than expected! I was able to go and pick it up Friday. I spent the afternoon yesterday quilting the blue spiderweb quilt and machine stitching the binding onto both the blue spiderweb quilt and the pink and aqua floating four patch quilt. I am now ready to sit down and hand stitch for a while. Those two will be finished then. :)

I have been thinking about starting a new blog along side this one. It would be very basic sewing instruction and just sharing what I have learned through my experience. My mom gave me the basics, but after that I am pretty much self taught. The idea came to me because a friend on Facebook suggested that I come to her house and teach her to sew while my machine was in the shop. I couldn't because she lives in another state, but it gave me the idea that i could put up a blog that would teach the basics.
What do you think?


Chookyblue...... said...

thank goodness the machine is back.......and sewing tips would be very welcome

amandajean said...

hurray for your machine being fixed!

i think the second blog would be a great idea...i'm sure you have plenty of great things to share.

Steph said...

Oh yes, please, please, do! My Mamaw taught me to sew when I was young but it has been a while and she is no longer here to refresh me! I would love to get some basic directions! I just love your blog!