I love spring!!!!

Just a few shots from my yard this morning. I love this time of year when all the plants and flowers are waking up!

I finally got my bird feeders filled and hung. I've had birds at the seed feeder, but haven't seen any hummers yet.

The little violas are blooming.

My peonies are up

The sedum is also up.

My tulips opened this morning. I love the insides of them!

These are the sweetest little daffodils ever! They are a miniature variety and they are just tiny little things. So cute!

The first signs of life on my lilac bush.

The blue grape hyacinths are beginning to bloom

The daylilies are greening up.

The pink hyacinths are trying to bloom.

The vinca is blooming, too!


Taryn said...

Lovely! I've got nothing because the deer eat them. lol

amandajean said...

i love spring, too! i'm sure that it is all the sweeter because of our long and cold winters. your gardens are looking great! my flowers aren't that far along yet. i was very excited to see some peony shoots, though. i love them.