It's nice to not have deadlines....

It has been really nice to not feel stressed by having deadlines that I need to meet.
I finally got the outfit done for the Haute Couture for Kids runway launch finished and off to the model and photographer about a week ago. I am very anxiously awaiting the pictures! I'll have to post some of them when I get them.
Now, I have no real pressing deadlines for any of my projects which means I can just sew at my own pace and enjoy the process. I have been working on more nine patch blocks for the quilt a long. I have a couple more to go to be caught up for Monday, but that should be easily doable this weekend. I also started cutting some fabric for a new project as well. I know, I need to finish up some old projects. I'm not doing so great with the finishing one old for every one new project that I start. I really need to buckle down on some of the old projects and get them done. I swear I have sewing ADD. LOL :)
I have been poking around Facebook some this week as well. I have added some friends that I knew from high school. It is sort of fun to reconnect, but it is a little weird, too. We are all very much different people than we were then.
I have a three day weekend this weekend and I am looking forward to not really doing a whole lot of anything. Just taking each day as it comes and doing whatever. It has been a little crazy at work this week. We have had people out sick all week and therefore have been short staffed. I am looking forward to a weekend without craziness. Jason and I are going to watch movies tonight. Tomorrow, I think I will do a little house cleaning and the laundry and of course some sewing. Sunday we are going out to dinner to celebrate our nephew, Andrew's birthday which is today, and my birthday which is Sunday. Monday I have absolutely no plans! :)

I hope you all have a restful weekend! I'm going to try to do the same.

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congrats and goodluck with the launch....