Just to answer a few questions I have received lately...

For kristies: Thank you for your kind words. The pattern I used for this dress is a commercially available pattern from Farbenmix called "Feliz"
You can purchase it here or here. I'm sure it can also be found elsewhere on line, as well.
There is a wonderful "feliz sew-along" here if the instructions are a bit confusing. I didn't find them to be terribly bad, just a little lacking in detail since they were translated from German. The sew-along is in several parts. She used to have the links on the sides of the page but it looks like she removed them. If you start at the page I linked to and then just scoll to the bottom of each page and click on "newer post" it should lead you through the pages.
I made little A's dress from fabric that I purchased at my local Joann's Fabrics. There were two pink prints that I used for the overdress and the ruffles in the back and a solid pink for the body of the underdress and ruffle. I trimmed the overdress with a larger yellow rick rack and put a couple of decorative buttons on the pocket. The pocket pattern is not included, I just made that up myself. It's basically just a square with rounded off corners at the bottom. I made it with two pieces. I put them right sides together and went around the sides and bottom. Turned it, tucked the top edge in and pressed it and then topstitched it together. Then I just put it on the front like any other patch pocket. It does help, if you are putting a pocket in the front, to do it before you start sewing the overdress pieces together. Less fabric under your machine will make it easier to sew.
Have fun, and post pictures when you finish them for your twins!
And for the Anonymous person whose daughter is desperately in need of skirts with pockets :) I hope to plan a couple more skirt tutorials in the future and I promise to include pockets in at least one of them. I've been a little busy lately and have not had time to actually write the tutorials. I probably won't get them done for a little while, but please know they are in the works.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Zarina said...

I was brought over here by Crazy Mum Quilt when you gave a dress for her daughter.

Over the long weekend I have been thinking of purchasing a good sewing book that details on how to draft patterns for garments. My first thought are for children since the pieces are small. I would like to hear what book (if any) that find you helpful in making children's clothes. I too have no children but I have 1 nephew and four nieces to sew with one coming along later this year (sex still unknown).