Sorry I have been a bit absent lateley...

I have been a little busy. I finished a new dress for the B*Cheeky Halloween Boo-tique launch coming up next week. We have also had company from out of state for the last few days. My husband's brother who lives in Texas and his wife and two little girls came to visit. We had a wonderful time playing games and playing at the lake and going to the flower gardens. I also had my cat to the vet yesterday for some tests. She is so hard to handle at the vet that they had to sedate her. She was still pretty loopy when she came home yesterday and I made the mistake of picking her up. Word to the wise, don't ever pick up a frightened disoriented cat. She bit me, and she bit me good. My finger was all swollen this morning so I went to the Dr and got an antibiotic. I want to sew this afternoon, but I'm not sure how good that's going to work. I'm gonna give it a try, though. LOL.

Here are a few pics from the weekend.

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