I feel like I have just been MIA from my blog lately. I apologize for that. I really have not finished anything noteworthy in a while now. I have just been experimenting with random little projects.

First I made a couple of hot pads for my kitchen.

I think there might be something subconscious going on because I picked these plates out about 12 years ago. See how they match perfectly, even though that was not my intent. It's a little scary.

And then.... I knit my cell phone a sweater. I'm thinking about putting some of these in my etsy shop. It will fit an iPod, too.

Tonight I have been working on an order for some kitchen dishcloths. I have 7 of 10 made except for weaving in the ends. They went a lot faster than I expected so I am excited about that.
I have a few Christmas gifts that I need to get started on. I am making dresses with matching doll dresses for my nieces in Texas and a pair of flannel pants and an appliqued t-shirt for my other niece. I got most of the dresses cut out last night. I hope to get them sewn together over the weekend.


Natasha said...

My mom knits me kitchen cloths and I just love them- they have their own built in scrubbing power!

123 123 said...
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amandajean said...

it's cute how well your pot holders match your dishes. that gave me a little chuckle tonight. :)