Copy cat, copy cat.....

Call it being a copy cat if you wish, call it inspiration, call it whatever you like. After seeing Amanda's new Bento Box quilt I just had to start one. LOL

I had some backing and binding fabric left over from the Happy Hour I just finished and so of course I had to buy more fabric to supplement it. I was just so in love with the green and aqua color combination that I just went with it. I followed the tutorial here. Fat quarters work well for it and have very little left over, just enough for some nice little scraps for the scrap stash. ;)

The colors remind me of the sky and the water and the palm trees that we saw on our trip to Cancun a few years ago. One of the best vacations I have ever had even though it was a very short trip. The swirls of the paisleys kind of remind me of the water, too. I think I might have to keep this one, lol. When I am sitting under it some cold Minnesota winter night I can try to imagine I am back in the Carribean. LOL

Hooray for Happy Hour!

I finished the Happy Hour quilt last night. I finished the top about a year ago, I figured it was high time I got it sandwiched and quilted up.

These are my two favorite fabrics in it. I used the green paisley for the back, too.

I also had this little visitor in my yard today. The first one I have seen this year! Yay for spring!

I had the afternoon off on Tuesday and it was soooo nice to be able to come home to a quiet house and open up the windows and sew to my little heart's content. That, to me, is a peaceful afternoon. They are way too few and far between.

How I spent my Saturday afternoon...

So yesterday I decided it was high time I finished my Happy Hour quilt that I started about a year ago. Now, I don't really have a space in my house that is very good for sandwiching anything larger than a lap size. My Happy Hour is a little bigger than that so I tried doing half of it at a time on my kitchen peninsula counter. Not the easiest thing in the world to begin with, but then I had a little help from my friend...

My little friend decided it would be a really fun game to run back and forth from one side to the other while I chased her. Then she thought she needed to hold the quilt down while I pinned it together, too. I highly doubt this quilt will be pucker free, and if it is it will be a miracle indeed! LOL She can be such a naughty girl sometimes!

I thought I'd give a little glimpse of this little project, too. It was sort of an inadvertent project. I intended to work on my Happy Hour last weekend but my husband and I decided to go to a movie instead. By the time we were home I didn't feel like dragging out a huge quilt and sandwiching it, so I pulled this little project out and decided to work on it a while. Several years ago I cut a bunch of 4 inch squares out of all the scraps I had at the time. I was a bit over ambitious as I thought I was going to make a bed quilt from them. That project sort of fell by the wayside, but I still have a bunch of the squares cut. I decided to pull out these blues a while back and make some pinwheel blocks from them, not exactly sure what I was going to use them in, but I just started sewing. I got all the half square triangles done and two pinwheel blocks done and then got busy with other projects and I sort of pushed it aside. So I pulled them out last weekend and finished the blocks and then I just sort of kept on sewing until I had this little top assembled. I think it might make a good little quilt for the Mountain Baby Blanket Project. That will also give me the incentive to get it done more quickly. ;)

Birthday Brights Feliz dress done!

Here is Mady's Feliz dress all finished! It took a while to get done, partly because I have been kind of busy and haven't had a lot of time to sew, and partly because I was sort of psyching out the pattern and thinking a lot about how to put it together since the instructions were a little funky. It was a fun adventure, though! I purchased a ruffler foot for my machine..... I love this thing! :)
The bottom ruffle of this dress was made on the fullest setting with the ruffler foot. On the fullest setting it packs 5 inches of material into one inch of gathers. LOL, that means that there is a little over 36 feet of ruffle in the red ruffle at the bottom of the dress! Longer than my house is wide! :) All perfectly gathered in about 20 minutes, gotta love that! All in all, there are probably about 6 yards of fabric in this dress. I decided I might as well pull out all the stops on this one since I got such a good deal on the red fabric. I still have a couple of yards left, too. Now, I just hope she likes it. LOL