Here is a little project I got a bit way-laid on. I apologize that this isn't the greatest picture. I snapped it quick in my living room. My inspiration is here. I am hoping to finish it very soon. I am debating a white border on it. It seems large for a baby quilt already, but it also seems sort of long and narrow. Right now it is 32x52. Would you add any border to it? Should I leave it as is, or maybe just do a couple of strips down the sides and leave the ends as they are. For some reason it looked more square on paper, LOL. I am also debating a backing fabric. Thinking of maybe backing it with minkee or flannel since it is a baby quilt. Not sure how the minkee would quilt, though. So furry and stretchy, you know? Kinda don't enjoy working with that stuff, but it does make for a nice baby blankee. Or maybe just more of the blue dots?

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JenK said...

Looks fantastic! I think a border would add to the quilt even if it was just a couple of inches -- plus that would allow the binding to be set off. Don't go with minkee on the back -- it will shift and not quilt well! If you use minkee tying is the way to go.