Color play...

I started a new project a few days ago, which I promise to share in a different post, but it got me looking at color combinations and I have found a new combination that I find myself wishing I could paint in some area of my house, but I wouldn't know where.  

I'm finding this combination of lemon chiffon yellow, pale aqua and rosy pink deliciously enticing lately.  I am wishing I could use these colors in my kitchen, but my earth tone colored countertops might not agree.  Shades of green, tan, brown and slate gray I don't think would work well with such a clear and airy color palette. Alas, I will have to find another way to use these colors together.  LOL.

What about you?  What colors do you find tempting lately?

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Fairytale Nonsense said...

I love that color combination! What a perfect color scheme for a bathroom? I'm seeing fluffy creamy yellow and turquoise towels, soft pink walls, polka dot shower curtain--or maybe a floral in blue and yellow? Striped curtains, accented with distressed white beadboard panneling and countertop accessories......some fun shaped soap in all three colors in a large apothecary jar on the counter, a distressed white vase full of whispy yellow and blue flowers....A big white claw-foot tub with a magazine rack across it and some more apothecary jars full of colored bath it a bathroom, or is it a candy shop with a grown up twist! I'm loving it too!!