Estherlyn's Jumper: Using the Applique Shapes - The Heart Shape

Are you mashing along with Call Ajaire this month?  If so, you will see in my Estherlyn's Jumper pattern that I have included shapes that can be used for appliqué or pockets.  I thought I would share just a few ways that some of them could be used, just to get your creative juices flowing!  For size reference I used the smallest size of the appliqué shapes and the 3 month skirt so that everything is in real proportions.  If you are making bigger sizes then you may want to use the bigger shape templates.

First up this week is the heart shape.

Perhaps just one or two for something sweet and simple.

Maybe you want to layer two sizes together in different fabrics.  These could also be offset from each other for a little different look. 

Maybe you want to add some embroidery to the other part of the skirt. 

Perhaps sweetheart balloons.

 Add a simple stem cut freehand and you could have a St Patty's Day dress. 

Autumn is just around the bend, so maybe a pretty tree in fall colors is appealing to you. Just add an easy brown trunk.  

There are lots of other combinations that could be done with these little hearts.  Hopefully these little examples will help you start thinking creatively about how they can be used on your dress!  

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