Almost done..

Well, all of the sewing is done on the dress, I have a few ribbons to sew to it yet and the bloomers to do, but bloomers won't take long at all. I have made 3 pair of those in an hour before. Project #3 will be a quick little minkee blanket for a girl at work who just had a new baby daughter. My darn serger is on the blink and I will need to get that fixed before I start on project # 5.(Project #4 is to get my serger fixed, a project in and of itself) For project #5 I am going to make a couple of polar fleece buntings to hopefully send to China with someone who is going there to adopt their baby. Many of the orphanages there have very little or no heat and in an effort to keep the babies warm, the ladies caring for them bundle them up in layer upon layer of clothing and blankets. While this can help keep them warm, it restricts their ability to move. This can cause them to have poor muscle tone in a lot of cases. While this picture is initially cute, imagine a child living like this and it suddenly isn't cute anymore. This picture is from a book called "Mei Mei: Little Sister, Portraits from a Chinese Orphanage"
I hope that my small donation will make a difference for some child, somewhere, maybe even the one that will someday be my own.

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