Remembering why...

Sometimes I lose site of the reason that I am trying to sell things that I have made. I have made a commitment that the profits from everything I sell from now until whenever our eventual adoption from China is final will go to help pay for the adoption. I know that by no means will it make a large amount of money, but I figure that every little bit helps. Our plans are to start paperwork in 12 to 18 months, and it could be another two years after that before we have our daughter. It all seems so far away right now that it doesn't seem real at times. Sometimes I need to get back in touch with the goal that we have set before us. I ran across this video one day a week or two ago and wanted to share it here. I don't know the people at all, I just ran across it at and was touched by it. Adoption Video

I'll take some pictures of my finished projects in a little bit and get them posted, I hope.

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