Had a little time yesterday...

I had a little time yesterday morning to do just a little more sewing. My hubby has been having some back trouble, and neither of us have been sleeping well, so I was awake at 4:30 yesterday morning. :P So, in the quiet of the morning, I got the bloomers for the dress cut out and sewn up. I rinsed the markings out of the dress and hung it up to dry. I'll take it to work with me and sew the ribbons and bells on it while I am there today (shh... don't tell!) and hopefully get some pictures tomorrow of it. I work for a bank and we moved into a new location not too long ago and it has been really slow out there so far. We are not really close to any of the shopping that will be happening today, so I don't forsee a busy day by any stretch of the imagination. In fact we will probably be deader than dead.

I also decided to shuffle things around a bit. I have a smocked bonnet that was nearly finished that was way down the list that i decided to finish and give to Melissa at work who just had a baby along with the minkee blanket. All of about an hour or so and it will be finished. The blanket won't take long either, I just have to get the flannel for it washed first. Maybe tonight I will do that.

I am still planning on doing the buntings for China, but I really don't want to pay the $$ to get my serger fixed until after Christmas. I don't know of anyone traveling that soon, anyway. So I may shuffle things around so that I can keep working on projects until I can get the serger fixed.


amandajean said...

hey there! sorry to hear that j is having back problems...and that neither one of you are sleeping very well...that is the worst! (i have had lots of insomnia myself recently, so it is still fresh in my mind!) did your mil get her scarf done? did you get some crocheting done on Thurs.? have a great day. I miss you lots!

Linda said...

I did get a little bit of crocheting done, not a lot, but some. I showed her how to finish her scarf. She is hilarious. I applaud her for trying, but she is so funny, she is like, slip knot challenged. She just can't get it. It takes her like 10 trys and a whole lot of concentration just to make a slip knot.

Say a little prayer for J. The chiro thinks he has a bulging disc in his lower back and that is putting pressure on a nerve. He hasn't hardly been able to sleep for like two weeks because of it. One night he spent 3 hours in the middle of the night just standing in the living room because that was the only way that it didn't hurt. They gave him vicodin(sp?), but it isn't helping that much. Unless he is miraculously better by Monday, he will have to have an MRI. He's a little freaked out by that because with his size they told him there would only be an inch or two of space between his face and the top of the tube thing they put you in. He will have to be in there for like 45 minutes. Right now that is scheduled for 6:30 Monday evening.
If it IS a bulging disc then there are injections of anti-inflammatories that they can give him to help. J HATES needles, so that won't be fun, either. He is just really in a lot of pain, though, so I hope they can get things figured out for him.