So I bought some knitting needles.....

Seriously, I'm diseased.
I went to Joann's yesterday to buy some batting for a quilt that I have in the works, and I walk out with knitting needles, too. How does that happen? I have been wanting to try my hand at it again for a while. I tried it years ago with little success. I dug into my yarn stash and came out with some bright, multicolored variegated yarn that I bought maybe 8-9 years ago. I only needed just a little bit for a project that I did then, so I have most of the skein left, still. I sat down with a tutorial last night and practiced a little bit. I think I am getting the hang of the knit stitch anyway. I think I'll just keep knitting and see if I can make a scarf. I'd love to be able to knit some pretty scarves with all the neat yarns that are out there these days. I still enjoy crochet, but it is just fun to do something different. So I suppose I'd better add this to my to do list, lol.

I did work on my crochet afghan quit a bit over the weekend. I crocheted almost 3 whole skeins of yarn into it. I have one and a half skeins left. I made up the design myself, so I wasn't sure how much yarn to buy. I don't think I bought enough, I also don't know if I can buy this stuff anymore, either. Dye lots won't match that's for sure, even if they do carry the same yarn. It may just wind up being littler than I planned. LOL. Oh well. I love the yarn and how it works up, even though it is a little hard to work with. I am using the Red Heart Light and Lofty yarn. It is incredibly soft and works up really bulky and soft. I am using a Q size hook with it, so it feels a little like when you are a kid and you have the BIG crayons! LOL

I had the last two days off from work. Yesterday I cashed in a gift certificate that my dear hubby gave me for Christmas last year. I got a 30 minute massage and a pedicure. I have dark red toenails! LOL It's been years since I last painted my toenails! I have a chiro appointment at 8 this morning for an adjustment. Then it's back to reality. I have to work from 9-5:30 today. I am looking forward to seeing the Christmas decorations at work all put up. I got to go shopping for all the stuff on Friday, but I didn't get to help put up the tree and stuff. We weren't able to get that done on Friday. So I am looking forward to seeing that all finished.

I actually came up with some other ideas for things to try during the last weekend, but I promise I will at least get a few more things checked off the list before I start in on those things. ;)


Roxanne said...

Hi Linda -
I am so glad you bought some knitting needles. I don't know how to crochet, but I wish I did. Do you think it would be easy to learn? Anyway, if you decide you have too many projects and can't possibly add knitting to the list (trust me I understand!) here are some alternative uses:
1. Making a nice point when you turn your soft trees right-side-out.
2. Back scratchers
3. Hoard off craft thieves
4. Depending on what kind you bought, the metal ones make a really neat noise when you slide them together. You could start a band - some with plastic, some wood, some metal...okay that doesn't help your to do list
5. The look really cool just sitting a big vase or other knifty container...then you can just let people think you knit!

Anway - good luck!

Linda said...

LOL, thanks for the tips, I'll keep them in mind.
I think that crochet is easier because you only have one needle (hook) to worry about. My grandma taught me when I was in 5th grade, so maybe it just comes more easily to me because I have been at it for so long. There are more stitches to learn, but they are pretty much all the same concept. If you decide to give it a whirl and have questions, feel free to ask!
Thanks for stopping by!