Picture time.

The way my camera works, it's easier to do a bunch of pictures at once, rather than a few at a time. Sorry, this may take a while to load.
First is the bonnet and blanket I made for Melissa at work.

Next are some of the Christmas decorations.

The bathroom

The kitchen

The tree

Here is my little doll, "Surf's Up" by Monika Levenig. She is waiting for Santa, doesn't she look pretty in her new dress?

Someone else is waiting for Santa, too.

And finally the gift bags I made yesterday (along with my ever present helper...)


amandajean said...

Love seeing all the photos. Your tree looks perfect in the window. So nice. I laugh when I see your kitty in the photos...she looks like she is up to something!

Linda said...

She usually IS up to something! LOL