Saw the cutest thing today!

Today was a great day at work! I got to go shopping for Christmas decorations for the bank with an $800.00 budget!!! I about fell over when the girl I was going shopping with told me that! We came in wayyyy under that and will have a really nice tree and decorations in the bank this year. We bought an awesome 9 foot tall tree and decorations in shades of purple, gold and silver. I can't wait to see it all finished. We didn't buy a tree skirt because we couldn't find one that we liked to go with it, so we went to Mill End Textiles to find some fabric to wrap around the bottom of the tree. The girl working there was wearing the cutest jacket. It had all sorts of fabric scraps sewn to it in sort of a hap-hazard patchwork style. It was really cute! It looked like she made the fabric by sewing all sorts of rectangles and squares of different sizes to a solid color base fabric. The edges were left raw so that they could fray with washing. I SOOO want to try this! I think it would be adorable for a kid's garment of some sort.

All the shopping today really got me in the mood for Christmas decorating, so I put up the tree toninght. I will clean the house and do the rest tomorrow! I love my tree and my Christmas decorations. I have lots of red and gold and velvet ribbon and poinsettias. It is a shame no one usually ever sees them but J and I. I will have to post some pictures when I get everything done.

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amandajean said...

holy cow...800 dollars!!! what do you work at a bank or something???hee hee hee. sorry, I couldn't resist. it would be difficult if you HAD to spend all that on decorations, don't you think? we were going to build you a snowman today, but the snow wasn't sticking together when we tried it. And I was going to pull out all my decorations today, but I just couldn't make myself do it. The kids get CRAZY and start ripping everything out of boxes. It isn't we made snowflakes instead. And a red and white paper chain for the boys' room. It's a start.
Looking forward to seeing pictures of your tree.

Miss you!