A little relief....

Jason's preliminary diagnosis is good. There is a small tumor between his L1 and L2 vertebrae, but the type that they belive it to be is rarely ever malignant. HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF!!

My house? Well, it's a mess. (What's new?) Should I be cleaning right now? Yep. Am I going to? No! I am emotionally exhausted after this week and just can't face the housework. I'll clean on Saturday. I am planning on decorating for Christmas that day anyway. We are also going out for dinner with Jason's family to celebrate his 31st birthday (which is actually Monday). We have a lot to celebrate this year.

My next craft project will be something that my friend Amanda put a bug in my head about. She told me that her sister often buys fabric on clearance after Christmas and uses it to make gift bags for Christmas. Just nice little drawstring bags that can be reused year after year. What a great, and simple idea! I bought a bunch of fabric last year after Christmas and I fully intended to finish these bags in January and put them away with the Christmas stuff. Well, as usual, I got sidetracked by something, I don't even remember what at this point, and never even started them. These will be great for my husband. He hates wrapping gifts and usually kind of makes a mess of whatever he wraps. In fact, he never even used to wrap any of my gifts. He just made me close my eyes as he brought them out of their hiding places, sometimes in a plastic bag! LOL These bags will be perfect for him to use this year! We will see if I have time this weekend. Otherwise I have Monday and Tuesday off from work. (Had to use those last two vacation days!) I am cashing in a gift certificate for a massage and pedicure on Tuesday. I definately need it! I might find some time those days to do a little crafting.

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