So I went to the mall...

this morning at 7am. I was at Menard's before that. I had to finish J's shopping for him. He tried, but he just couldn't handle it last night and had to come home. I was up at 3:30 anyway, so I figured "why not?" They were predicting freezing rain and snow and they were right, so I am glad that I went in the morning before work instead of after work at 4. It's a mess out there right now. I'm glad I don't have far to drive when it's like this.

I'm sorry I have been deviating away from my crafting endeavors in my blog lately. I really just haven't had a lot of time for crafts the last couple of weeks. My life is sort of this way in general, but even more so lately. I need to dig through and find some projects to take to Minneapolis with me for J's surgery. I have some half finished embroidery projects and an almost finished crochet project, and a barely started crochet project and one that is about a quarter of the way finished. I suppose those ought to keep me busy for a while. I really want to get this little dress knocked out before we head out of town. My buyer is very sweet and patient, but I don't want to keep her waiting too long, either. I think that will be my major project for this weekend and we'll see how much I get done. Hopefully a good portion of it. I need to get the fabric washed, though. Maybe I'll throw that in tonight. My goal for tonight, after dinner and cleaning the kitchen up, is to get my floors swept and vaccuumed. Then maybe clean up the junk mail all over my counter. You can't even see my kitchen counter right now. :P I sitll have a couple of gifts to wrap and I think I'll call it a night after that.

Have a good evening every one!

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