My daddy is sooo sweet....

Look at this painting he did for us to use on cards for fundraising for our adoption.

I'm sure that he doesn't intend for it to have that kitchy child art quality, but I couldn't help but smile when I saw it. My daddy is 81 years old and just really wanted to help. His health is declining and he isn't able to do as much these days, but has always had sort of a hidden creative side. He loves to do paint by numbers. :) Now it seems he has taken up acrylics and is doing his own thing. I often wonder what he might have come up with had he been given the chance when he was a lot younger. Instead, he worked in a factory to support my mom and all 5 of us kids, took care of the house and the car and in general made a good life for us. I often worry that he may never even see our child, and I am sure that our child will never remember much about him. A lot of people think my daddy is kind of weird, (including my husband, LOL), but he's my dad and I love him bunches, and will miss him when he is gone.

Jason is sleeping right now! HOORAY!!! The doctor gave him some muscle relaxers. Hopefully that will do the trick. When I took them a few years back, I slept for a solid 12 hours. I don't think I even moved! LOL. I hope he gets some good rest tonight. I wound up staying home with him today and running him around to where he needed to go. For those of you who don't know, he manages a sandwich shop. So I took him to the shop this morning so he could get the deposit ready to take to the bank. Then I took him to his mom and dad's house so that he could try and see if thier whirlpool tub would help. He slept a little in the recliner there, while I ran the deposit to the bank. (Of course, I had to stop by JoAnn's, LOL, he was sleeping anyway, and I only stayed for like 15 minutes. Had to look for quilt fabric! And besides, it was right on the way!) So he slept there in the chair for a while, then he woke up and we went to McDonald's for lunch and then to his appointment. Then I took him back to his mom and dad's house so he could use the tub. Then I went to Target to get his prescription filled for him. By then it was nearly 4 and I had ordered my groceries on line at 4:30 this morning and they were due to be delivered between 4 and 6 this evening, so I headed home to get the groceries. Those came pretty quick so then I headed back over to his mom and dad's and brought him home. Then he took some pills and another bath and fell asleep. I think he took 5 warm baths today! LOL. I'm having frozen pizza for dinner, then I think I'll call it a night. I have been up and down Highway 15 more times than I care to remember today!


Roxanne said...

That is a very sweet painting. Dad's are just special aren't they. Mine is the best, which I am sure drives my husband crazy sometimes! ("Why don't you just call my dad, he knows how to do dad never would have done it that way..." Even as old as I am, I'm still pretty sure my dad knows everything.)

So glad to hear J finally got to rest. I am sure he is very thankful to have you caring for him.

amandajean said...

That painting is FANTASTIC! I love sweet that your dad did that for you.
Glad to hear that Jason finally got some long overdue sleep. And I agree with Roxanne, I am sure that J is very thankful to have you caring for him.