Today I....

Sat and knitted with my sweet little Sasha on my lap from about 10 until 2. I laid down on the couch then and took a nap from about 2 until about 3 and stayed there on the couch until 4. Woke up with both cats cuddled up with me. It was nice. Jason finally got some sleep last night. He needed it soooo bad. I'm glad.
Here is my sweet kitty, she has taught me the value of a good afternoon nap in the sun. :)

Now, Amanda, you got me looking at patterns at that site. I now want to make this. LOL, I'm never gonna get things done at this rate! LOL! My brother's step-daughter and her husband are having their third child in May. They just found out that it is a boy. They have a little boy who is going to be 6 in March, and last year (August 2005), sadly, their little baby girl, Abbey Grace, was born with a severe heart defect and only lived two weeks. I never even had a chance to make anything for her before she was gone. :( I'd like to make this quilt for their new little boy. It is something a little different than I have done before setting the strips at an angle, but it still looks simple enough. I think it will be fun, providing I can find boyish enough fabrics that all go together.


amandajean said...

I am so glad to hear that you got a chance to relax and nap yesterday. It sounds like you needed it badly. Now, I am not going to apologize about the pattern link. It's nice to know that someone else has the same compulsive crafting habits that I makes me feel much better about my own!!! I haven't made a quilt with squares set on point yet, but it was one of my goals for this year. (it just might have to carry over into next year, as I am running out of time.) It is a really cute pattern and would make a great baby quilt.
You have made great progress on your list since you started blogging....I am impressed. Do you think that the blog has helped? So glad that you are here in blogland! And thanks for the sweet comment about my kiddies. :)
And one more thing....we were using little A's quilt that you made for her to church today and I got some great compliments on it. We love that quilt so much and I am thankful for all the time and effort that you went through to make it for her!

Linda said...

I'm glad that you like her quilt. I'm certainly not the greatest quilter ever (seeing as I have only done patchwork squares so far), but I had fun coming up with the idea and shopping for fabric and stuff. Just don't look too close at it, LOL. It's funny how things sort of morph and change once you start shopping for fabric. I had really wanted that quilt to be more of a pastel watercolor rainbow effect, but when I started finding fabrics, those were the ones that just worked.
As to the compulsiveness. Well, I guess birds of a feather flock together. I was talking to on of my co-workers the other day and he said his sister is exactly the same way, so, maybe we are more common than we think. And, well, I decided to let J have the whole bed last night as he found a comfortable position and I wanted him to sleep, so I decided to sleep on the couch. So what do I do? I fire up the laptop and start looking at fabrics on line. Do ya know what time I quit? 3 am. Do ya think I could go to sleep then? Of course not, I was awake until 5 am. It's a sickness, I tell you! LOL
Yes, the blog has helped, at least I have a list that I can go back to and I have friends cheering me on and waiting to see the finished project. But I am finding all sorts of other ideas, too, that I want to try. Oh well, I know I'll never have a finished list of things, but I do need to cut it down some. LOL
Oh and I meant every word about your kiddos. They are great!

Roxanne said...

Relaxing, hhmm how do you do that again! Just kidding :) It is really important to take some time out, isn't it, especially with all that you have been dealing with.

I am constantly scratching notes all over my desk of all the cool stuff I find out here in blogland. Maybe I'll do them, probably I won't, but its just fun to be inspired isn't it. Speaking of that, thanks for the great idea for making stepping stones. We will definitely try that this summer.