6 Wierd Things....

1.) My first official date with my husband was after we were already engaged. (Long story) We went to Mexican Village (local restaurant) and to the movie "Liar, Liar".

2.) I don't think this is wierd, but my husband says it is. I like to eat white rice with butter and sugar on it. I used to work with a girl from Hungary and she said that this is a common dish there. Considering that my great-great-grandfather was from Prague and this was passed down to me through my mother (ie she is the one who got me started eating it for breakfast when I was little), I don't think it is that wierd.

3.) I HATE the cold, but I live in Minnesota. I have told my husband several times, "I live in the wrong state." My family's roots are southern, and I am definately a southern girl at heart, even though I live in the frozen north. Give me humidity and fireflies any day over cold and snowflakes!

4.) I eat peanut butter and maple syrup (no real butter, thank you) on my waffles. Try it you'll like it!

5.) I already posted this over at Roxanne's in a comment, but I'll put it here, too. Whenever I have several identical items to choose from, like beads to string or whatever. Whichever one my hand lands on, or my eye lands on first I have the compulsion to think that that one HAS to be next, even if there are a hundred more all just like that one. Even if I pick it up and it drops back into whatever container they are in, I HAVE to fish out the first one I picked up. Like that is its destiny or something. Same thing if I am taking pills. I turn the bottle up and if more than one falls out, I feel like I have to take the first one that came out, even if they are exactly the same thing. Sometimes I make myself take the second one or whatever, just to prove to myself that it really is ok. LOL Definately wierd!

6.) Lastly, maybe not terribly wierd, but unusual, none the less. Like, Amanda, my husband is the first person that I ever really considered a serious boyfriend. We met in Willmar, MN in August of '96, began dating (oficially) on Thanksgiving Day of that same year in Bogota, Colombia, were engaged in Florida on Valentine's Day of '97 and married exactly one year later on Valentine's Day of '98 in Illinois.

So there ya have it, 6 oddities about me. LOL


Di said...

Loved reading your list. I was in Minnesota in May 2006. I spent about 5 days in Minneapolis at quilt Market and then another week around a small town called Long Prarie. It was just gorgeous...so many lakes! Can't wait to return one day.

Linda said...

Long Prairie is not terribly far from where I live! In fact, Amanda's sister, Clair, lives there!

Small world, huh?

amandajean said...

thanks for sharing your list!