Hmmm.... I've been tagged....

My good friend Amanda has tagged me for the wierdness game that is going around. I will have to think about that one for a while, but I promise that I will post them soon. I, however, do not know six people who have not already been tagged, so I really have no one else to pass it along to.

I just wanted to jump in here and post about the block swap. I have 5 people signed up so far including myself. If I can't get six, I suppose that we could do it with just 5 and each do 15 blocks. It might then be good to do 3 different combinations of 5 each and then each person would get three of the others blocks. It would be the same block pattern and the same palette, just 3 combinations within those parameters, if that makes sense. I will wait until Monday and see if I have anyone else interested and then I'll probably email those interested with more information.

I have been working on the yellow and blue baby quilt and I have started working on the strips for the top. I am almost halfway finished with them, then I'll have to sew them together and put the borders on. This is the pattern that I am using for it, just to refresh your memory.

I hope you all have a great Saturday!

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