As promised....

The picture bonanza....
First is a quilt that I made back in June for my niece, Allison. She is 15 and had scoliosis surgery. I call it my "Hugs and Kisses" quilt. It has x's and o's in the design.

Next is the q hook afghan that I finally finished after two years.

Here is the baby blanket that I made yesterday

These are Jason's brother John's two girls Claire (5) and Mady (2). They live in Austin, TX and are apparently enjoying the unseasonably cold temps they have been having.

I made them these blankees for Christmas earlier this fall. I did one side with furry fleece and the other with cotton fabric.

Mady's is light blue on the back and red flowers on the front.

Claire's is turquoise on the back with lavender and turquoise flowers on the front.

Here is the other kit I bought to make for myself.

And last but not least the yellow and blue quilt fabric.


Roxanne said...

Hi Linda! Thanks for your comment...Zippers! Yes, thats perfect - she loves zippers. In fact, you have to be careful what kind of shirt you wear around her, if its got a zipper, she'll yank it down! Better to layer around here so as not to flash the company :) I LOVE your Hugs and Kisses quilt! Absolutely adorable. All of your blankets are for that matter! I can't wait to see the blanket you got for yourself done, those fabrics are so precious. I'm sure God is preparing a sweet little heart right now to cherish it! So glad things are starting to get back to normal at your house!

amandajean said...

Linda, I loved seeing the photos! Your nieces are so adorable...Mady reminds me of Maddie Stigman, actually.

You have gotten a lot done! I bet you are relieved to get the afghan done after 2 feels SOOO good to get those long term projects done. The pooh fabric grouping will make a very sweet quilt....are you still doing the irish chain pattern? And that pink chenille kit really takes the cake! I can certainly see why you couldn't pass up that one. Happy sewing...and have a great weekend!