Wooo Hooo!!!

I finally got to go to the fabric store! I haven't had the chance to spend much money on fabric since before Thanksgiving! I went a little overboard, but not too bad. I spent about 60 bucks, but I got stuff to make 3 quilts/blankets. I bought the fabric for the yellow and blue quilt. I didn't buy the batting yet, I'll get that later, I think Hancock's is supposed to have it on sale soon. I also got two of the "Cuddle Quilt" kits they sell at Joanne's. They don't have them on their website or I'd post a link. One of them I actually finished this afternoon. It was a nice short afternoon project. I started about 1:30 or so and finished it about 6. Tomorrow I will try and take some pictures of my recent projects and post them. It is sort of a major production for me to post pictures as they are stored on a different computer from the one I usually post from.

For the yellow and blue quilt I got the Winnie the Pooh fabric. It is only Eeyore who is blue, but it will work. Then I got just a simple small blue and white stripe, a small blue print that is not really any design, just some squiggles, then some solids to round it out.

The cuddle quilt that I finished today was for some of Jason's online friends. There is a married couple who both play the game that he plays and they are expecting a baby boy in April. It had a panel in the front that was light blue with crescent moons with teddy bears sleeping on them and on clouds and stuff. The moons are wearing red and white striped nightcaps. The center panel was then bordered with red and white striped flannel, then a dark blue mottled fabric with little sparkles in it, and then a third border was yellow minkee with moons and stars cut into the pile. The back was more of the red and white striped flannel. There is no batting, so, it isn't really a quilt, but more of a 2 layer blanket with a pieced top. It is just a small blanket, but it will be good for carseats and strollers and that sort of thing. It is only about 30x36 inches or so. I think it turned out pretty cute and was really easy to do. A nice little afternoon project, one of those sort of instant gratification projects. After the coupon and stuff it was only $12.00, that and a little bit of my time and that is a pretty nice little baby gift, I think, anyway.

The other kit that I bought, I bought for me. ;) This one I am putting away when I finish it, too. It is a little girl quilt. It will be the same size as the other one that I did today. It has a pink flannel, a floral flannel with a white background and pink flowers with green leaves, a white eyelet, a mint green minkee, a mint green flannel with pink flowers, a pink satin and a pink striped chenille. The center is squares of all of the fabrics except the chenille which is used for the border. I think the back is the solid pink flannel, but I'm not sure because I haven't opened the kit yet. There are 12 squares in the middle and just one border of the pink chenille. I think this one will go together really quick, too. I hope to eventually do our little girl's room in pink and green, so this will be perfect! I couldn't put it back on the shelf after I saw it! LOL I know, I am thinking WAYY ahead, but we are serious about wanting to adopt. It is going to be quite a while before we can start the process. Picking up little things here and there makes it seem more real to me and makes me feel better about having to wait so long, so this is good for me. I occasionally shop the clearance racks for things that she can eventually wear, too. Things in bigger sizes that will fit in more than one season, LOL.

Amanda, tell Kevin that J's top speed overall is still pretty slow, but he has left the walker behind pretty well at this point. If he was in a race, the tortoise would probably win. :) He is doing a little better every day, though. He moved back downstairs to play on his computer, so the stairs are getting better for him. He said that tomorrow he wants to try the treadmill for a few minutes. Getting out and just walking, and doing the exercises they gave him are the best things that he can do right now to build his strength back up. The butterfly strips (they took the stitches out before he came home) came off of his incision today and he was soooo glad to be able to just scrub around that spot when he took his shower today. It was just sooo itchy. It is mostly healed up now, just a few little spots yet need to heal. I think his stomach shrank while he was in the hospital. He doesn't eat as much as he used to. (which is probably a good thing) Tonight he only ate half of his hamburger and about a dozen tater tots. He couldn't eat any more. Usually he'd eat two burgers and three times the tater tots! He did lose a lot of weight. Not sure how much because our scale is broken, but you can really see it when you look at him. Pete, J's boss, stopped in today for a few minutes and he commented about how much thinner he looked, too. He says he can tell a difference in his clothes, too.

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