We're cruisin' now!

We actually went out to dinner last night! We went to the "Old Country Bucket" as we like to call it. J wanted a good salad bar and it was either there or Bonanza, soooo. Then we went to Best Buy for a few minutes. J pushed a cart instead of using a walker, lol. I joked with him that we can now go shopping anywhere they have carts. Stairs are much better, too. He wants to move back downstairs to his regular gaming computer. It's a little faster and the monitor is better, so he really wants to get back downstairs to play the new expansion of the game that he likes to play. You know he's doing pretty good then! He is a little depressed, though, he feels like he isn't good for anything but taking up space because he can't do much. He is afraid his boss will decide he doesn't need him anymore. (Which will NOT happen, believe me!!) So if you are praying people, pray for that, too. He could use a little boost. I wish I could think of a helpful project that I could give him to do, but I'm not sure.... hmmm... will have to give that some thought. He can't lift more than 10 pounds and can't bend or twist a lot, so that really limits him.

Since I am getting my craft room back, at least I think I am, I am hoping to hit the fabric store later this week to make that little blue and yellow quilt for my step-niece's baby due in May. I still have about 4 dollars left on the gift card that my good friend (wink) gave me for my birthday for Joanne's and a coupon to boot, so hopefully I can find what I want there. They had some that I liked a couple of weeks before Christmas, but who knows if they will still have it. I am hoping so because they seemed like sort of "staple" items. The yellow and blue print that I need I found a Winnie the Pooh print that was a yellow background and some of the animals have blue (Eeyore, Rabbit, and maybe Piglet). The only other option was a floral print and since this quilt is for a baby boy, then I thought the Pooh print might be better.

We ordered a new mattress and box springs (after nearly 9 years sleeping on a cheap mattress and box springs which were all we could afford when we first got married). That is supposed to be delivered today which will be awesome! J is still sleeping by himself in the bed, it is just easier for him to turn over and stuff. At least I'll get the old mattress and box springs to sleep on in the basement. I've been sleeping on the couch since we got home. I'm ready to sleep on a bed again.

Call me lazy but I ordered my groceries on line yesterday and those are supposed to come between noon and 2 and the bed between 2 and 4, so whatever running I do today, I need to be home by noon. I have a gift certificate for Bed Bath and Beyond and a 15% off coupon, too. I think I'll see about some new sheets for the new bed. J was using one of the sheets from one of our sets when he was sleeping down in his chair before surgery, He accidentally got the edge under one of the wheels of his chair and ripped a huge hole in the sheet. OOOPs! That left us with only one decent set. Oh well, good excuse to get some new ones. :)

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amandajean said...

glad to hear that J is getting around better now. Kev wants to know what J's top speed with the walker is! :)

And have fun picking out the quilt fabric. Kev was looking at the quilt you made for little A the other day and was very impressed with the quality of your work.