Ho Ho's Gone :(

That's what my niece, Kayla said after Christmas was over the year she was 18 months at Christmas time. (Ho Ho being her name for Santa). I managed to put the decorations away today. It always makes me a little sad to see them all packed up and the house back to my boring old stuff. I still feel like I have a thousand things to do before I can leave my house for a week unattended. Clean out the fridge a bit, clean the cat's boxes, clear up the clutter that has accumulated EVERYWHERE! But I had to sit down and take a short break after hauling the Christmas tree down to the basement and all the decorations and stowing them in the storage space.

I went to crafts direct yesterday and picked up yarn for a project that I hope won't take a really long time. My mom made this and photocopied the pattern for me. She said it was pretty easy and went together pretty quick. I am getting away from my "33 or so projects", but did I really think I would keep on track for that long without finding a diversion? I bought a pale lavender yarn. I think I will put this one away for safe keeping when it is done. :) It seems I rarely ever keep what I make.

I did finish the crochet afghan that I started two years ago. I ran out of yarn and decided it was big enough and didn't want to put more money into it. Be forewarned, if you make a q hook afghan with really bulky yarn, be prepared to buy a lot of yarn! This afghan is only a little larger than lap size, but it took about 8 skeins of yarn! It is really nice and soft, though. When I get time, probably after J's surgery, I will have a picture bonanza again!


amandajean said...

oh, what a cute little story about Kayla...that is precious. I love how little kids view things. :)
I think that the new project is in order. After all, you have finished some of your 33 projects already! So you are making progress. Good for you!!! The lavendar yarn sounds pretty. And can I say that I miss crafts direct? A lot! Hope you have a great week. We are praying....

Roxanne said...

Wow - that pattern is adorable! Can't wait to see how it turns out.