Something Finished!

I finished the receiving blanket. In answer to Amanda's question, I actually did the embroidery on this particular blanket by hand. Just three bullion roses and leaves in one corner. The blanket is two layers of flannel. What I did was do the embroidery in the corner of one layer, layered them together, marked my sewing line, pinned it all up, and then used the scallop stitch on my machine to go around the edges. Then I cut the excess fabric back to the edge of the scallop stitching. That way the two layers are combined and the back of the embroidery is enclosed between the two layers. Make sense? I'll show you a picture later, I promise. :) It took a long time to go around the blanket trimming the fabric back to the scalloping, but not quite as long as I thought it might. I started at about 10 am and was done about 2pm or so, with laundry and lunch interruptions, as well as kitties trying to help and such. I feel great about having finished something off of the list, though!

After all of the trimming and how sore my fingers were after that I decided to forego the yellow and blue quilt for the day. My fingers still feel a little tender this morning where the scissors pushed into the back of them, you know? I think I will try and work on it this afternoon. I want to at least get the blue border on so I can take a picure of it for you all!

Have a great Sunday!

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amandajean said...

congratulations on another completed project!!! you are making good progress on your list. :)