My Valeversary Present...

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, but it is also my 9th anniversary with my sweet hubby. Here is what he got me for a gift this year. He bought them because he read that lilies are symbolic of motherhood in Chinese art, something I didn't know. I'm blown away at how sweet of a gift that is! I am hoping to do my living room in sort of a travel theme if I ever get it painted. (which means I need to buy a ladder, hence the no painting so far, who wants to spend money on a stupid ladder?) I have lots of little fun things from my travels years ago just waiting in a box to come out and be seen. LOL. Someday I'll get it done. I am thinking in the spring or the summer. This will be good incentive.

I got the blue border put on the yellow and blue quilt. I'll try to get pictures of it posted this evening.
The pink blanket didn't launder the best, so I may be keeping it after all. Oh well.

I have to jet off to work right now, so I'll try and post more later.
Have a good Tuesday!

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amandajean said...

how sweet! happy valentines day and happy anniversary...hope that you have a great day!
I started painting my family room isn't fun, but a great transformation. We have no school (again!) today, so painting with 3 kids underfoot rather than 2 should be lots of fun. I'm procrastinating...but hope to finish up before too long, since my whole basement is ripped apart. We are supposed to get 5-10" of snow in the next 2 days, so I'm not going very far. I'm so sick of winter, and all the snow, and the walls are closing in, so what is a girl to do??? Paint the walls, of course!