Open windows!

Oh how the kitties love them! I love this time of year when everything is waking up and coming to life again. I saw my first robin of the season just yesterday and was able to open the windows for the first time Friday evening for a little while. My kitties just love to press their noses up against the screen and smell all the outside smells. It won't be long before the grass is green and the trees begin to bud and my tulips come up. Can't wait! Happy spring to all!


amandajean said...

hurray for spring!!! hopefully the weather doesn't turn nasty as we roll into just never know about good ol' mn....can't wait to see you!

Linda said...

I just checked my yard and my tulips are making an appearance as well as the allium I planted last fall.
My hyacinths come up in the fall and green back up in the spring and they are starting to green up. The johnny-jump-ups and the columbine are beginning to green up, too! I love spring! I need to get out and cut the dead stuff back, maybe this evening. I need to get the crabgrass stuff on the lawn, too.