I've been busy....

I have been so busy that I haven't had much time to post lately. I added some things to my Etsy shop. I have also been working on the machine quilting of the yellow and blue quilt. I ran out of thread last night, so I will need to go and buy more before I can do anything else. :P I have decided that I need to set myself some deadlines for the things that I need to finish in the next two months. I need to sit down with my calendar and figure out what needs to be done by what date in order to get things in the mail in a timely manner. I also need to finish up some things for Etsy. We will see how all that goes.

My MIL also wants me to teach her a crochet pattern so that she can make a baby gift for a friend of hers. That should be interesting. My MIL is a wonderful creative person, but she is very random, so following a crochet pattern is not really her thing. She isn't so good about counting her stitches and that sort of thing. Hopefully that will go ok.

I also made a flower arrangement for Jason's Grandma. Sort of a thank you for all she did while J was sick. She let us borrow quite a few things and bought a couple of things for us. I'll post pictures of that later as I am on my way out the door to work right now.

Have a fun day crafting!

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Ashley and James said...

The little two piece dress has my daughter's name all over it and I get paid on Friday. : )