Flowers for Granny...

As promised here are the pictures of the flower arrangement that I made for Granny. Jason's grandmother did a lot for us when he was sick back at Christmas time and when he had his surgery. She let us borrow a vibrating seat cushion, without which J might not have made it through. When he wore one out, she gave us another to use. She also let us borrow her walker that she had from when she broke her hip a couple of years ago. That was rather comical because Granny is a tiny little lady. Her walker was actually pediatric size. My husband is 6 feet tall, so her little walker even adjusted as tall as it would go, was still too short for J. He did use it some around the house, though for the first few days after he was home. She also had a friend who let us borrow a shower seat for J to use, and she bought us a removable spray showerhead to use. Things we never would have thought of, but were really great to have. I made her this flower arrangement as a thank you for all that she did. She was wanting a new one when she saw the one I made for our SIL, Lori's birthday back in January.

On another note I got to have dinner with Amanda and her family on Wednesday night. It was such a blessing to be able to see them! We had a nice Chinese dinner at "The China" which is one of my husband's favorite restaurants. He has been going there since he was about the age of Amanda's oldest boy. The owners recognize him as soon as he walks in the door. It was nice to just be able to spend a little time chatting and catching up. Amanda made some super cute purses for me to give my nieces, Kayla and Allison for their birthdays this summer. Thanks Amanda!

I now have to get busy and finish the outfits for Lexi, and Mady. Lexi's birthday is the 27th of April and Mady's is the 5th of May. Those are the next two big projects. I have to mail Mady's to Texas, so I need to almost get hers done before Lexi's.

I have the machine quilting finished on the yellow and blue Winnie the Pooh quilt for my brother's new grandbaby due in May. All I have left for that is to cut the binding and do the machine part of that. If I can get it to that point, then I can finish the hand stuff later in the car to Illinois if I have to.

I'd also like to get my sister's quilt finished by the time we go, but I'm not sure if that will happen or not. Her birthday is June 15th. We will be going to Illinois to see them and attend Kayla's high school graduation from the 22-25th of May. My intent is to give my brother the quilt for his new grandbaby to take back to Texas with him when he comes for the graduation, to give my nieces their birthday gifts, and to give my sister her quilt all during the May trip to Illinois. I do have a couple of weeks leeway for my sister's quilt, but that would mean that I would need to mail it to her. :P Call me crazy if you want, I probably deserve it! LOL


amandajean said...

that swag is beautiful! I am sure that J's grandma will love it.

it was great to see you...I am so glad that it worked out! It was nice to be able to deliver the goods in person and enjoy our meal together...hopefully we can do it more often if we end up relocating! hee hee...

as far as craziness, deadlines and goals are great...good luck on all of your quilting. ;)

amandajean said...


thank you so much for your comment today...I really needed to hear that. I am confident that God does have a plan, and I am so excited that we follow's a great place to be. the suspense, however, is getting to me. ;)