Woo Hoo!

Half day at work tomorrow! I worked last Saturday morning which means that I get to leave at 12:30 tomorrow. I SOOOOO love an afternoon at home during the week. It so rarely ever happens when I have a half day and I don't have a million errands to run and tomorrow, all I have is a quick stop at Walgreens and one at the post office and then it is home to sew! Hopefully I can get Lexi's pants done. I embroidered little patches to put on them this evening. Maybe I can even start on Mady's outfit, too. We shall see, I always seem to have grander plans than I can accomplish! LOL Wish me luck!

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amandajean said...

good luck with your sewing time! Hope you get lots done. And I am looking forward to seeing pictures of your handiwork.