Happy Birthday Lexi!

My niece Alexa turns 6 today. Her party with us is not until Sunday. I finished her outfit on Wednesday afternoon. She is crazy about dogs, so I just sort of went with it. I made her a pillowcase top and denim capri pants. I left the hem of the pants raw so that they would fray and look like cutoffs. I also put little dog patches on the pants and left the edges of them to fray, too. I think after a couple more washings they will look more like what I intended. I embroidered some names next to the dogs in the patches, too. The bulldog in the bomber jacket I called Ace, Jason named the bassett hound Buford, and Alexa's real dog is a sheltie named Buddy, so I named one Buddy, too. These aren't the greatest pictures as I was in sort of a hurry when I took them, but here they are anyway. I might make her a set of shoe-bead-oos, too. We'll see what kind of timem I wind up with this weekend.

Oh and by the way, you like the little Etsy job at the top of the page? I thought it was kind of neat.

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amandajean said...

the outfit looks GREAT Linda! anything that gets better with multiple washings is genius, especially for kids!

happy birthday to little Lexi.